Purchasing Management™

OI Purchasing ManagementTM

Standardizing purchases while improving efficiency

Purchasing Management™

Selecting the right supplier for each item in a daily purchase order to optimize your contracts with suppliers is complex and takes time away from a Pharmacies time with its patients. Shortages and drug substitutions from suppliers make it difficult to ensure that your pharmacies are purchasing to support your GCR. Direct purchasing with manufacturers for limited distribution drugs requires yet another manual step to remember. Driving purchasing compliance with your generic warehouse requires constantly reaching out to pharmacies when goals are not met. 340B programs create inventory swell when unsolicited shipments duplicate items that have just been ordered. How can you keep up with individual pharmacies that purchase outside supplier contracts or order directly from supplier websites?


Pharmacies need higher levels of automation, control and visibility into their purchasing to properly managed this process and ensure the best results.

Purchasing Management™

OrderInsite’s purchasing management tools capture purchase orders from your pharmacy system and apply advanced business rules so that each item is directed to the appropriate supplier and the optimal price is achieved. Once the supplier is selected our integrated EDI gateway then automatically routes the orders to the right supplier and verifies items received against this original order. For 340B our solution integrates with your 340B processor so that items that are going to be shipped as a result of your 340B activity are removed from your regular order to help control inventory swell.


Centralized reporting that includes items purchased directly from supplier websites provides the visibility you need to make sure that your stores are staying in compliance with your internal warehouse and/or primary supplier commitments.


All of this is automated into one simple process that saves time regardless of how complex your supply chain may be.

Purchasing Management™ Integration

OrderInsite’s cloud-based applications capture data and provide updates to your pharmacy system daily. This happens via bi-directional interfaces that are developed in partnership with your pharmacy software vendor. These interfaces are set up during implementation are are fully supported by your vendor. Once implementation is completed, little to no user interaction is required. OrderInsite has a comprehensive support infrastructure to monitor and correct any issues that may occur.

Purchasing Management™ Analyzing

OrderInsite employs a proprietary suite of advanced algorithms to process the data we receive from your pharmacy system. Using today’s technology and the power of the cloud, information is analyzed in seconds so that necessary updates are provided back to your pharmacy system in a timely manner so that normal store hours are not affected.

Purchasing Management™ Customizing

OrderInsite’s applications are designed to be highly configurable. This allows you to set up the application to follow your best practices so that you manage your business as you see fit.

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