Advanced Analytics™

OI Advanced AnalyticsTM

A powerful cloud-based analystics and reporting engine.

Advanced Analytics™

Increased pressure on profitability, cash flow, and compliance requires that pharmacies have meaningful and timely data at their fingertips. Increased demands for data from external sources and auditors is on the rise and there is no end in sight. Silo’d or fragmented systems, old technology and lack of resources make it difficult to capture, analyze, and prepare information that is timely and relevant.

Advanced Analytics™

OrderInsite’s advanced analytics leverages the existing interfaces to your pharmacy system to efficiently capture data about your prescription drug inventory, dispensing patterns, and workflow. Using the power of the cloud and today’s analytical tools, our solutions provide a comprehensive and specific analysis of your business. Our solution is designed to contain personas that address the needs of your executive management, compliance teams, store managers, and procurement department. These easy to use tools will highlight problem areas as well as help you create best practices as you drill deeper into the data of your top performers.


The solution makes reporting out to external sources or management teams simple with reporting that is easy to export into excel, adobe or other office tools.

Advanced Analytics™ Integration

OrderInsite’s cloud-based applications capture data and provide updates to your pharmacy system daily. This happens via bi-directional interfaces that are developed in partnership with your pharmacy software vendor. These interfaces are set up during implementation are are fully supported by your vendor. Once implementation is completed, little to no user interaction is required. OrderInsite has a comprehensive support infrastructure to monitor and correct any issues that may occur.

Advanced Analytics™ Analyzing

OrderInsite employs a proprietary suite of advanced algorithms to process the data we receive from your pharmacy system. Using today’s technology and the power of the cloud, information is analyzed in seconds so that necessary updates are provided back to your pharmacy system in a timely manner so that normal store hours are not affected.

Advanced Analytics™ Customizing

OrderInsite’s applications are designed to be highly configurable. This allows you to set up the application to follow your best practices so that you manage your business as you see fit.

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